PT. Bangun Karya Perkasa Jaya Tbk is on target and on track and achieves a significant revenue in early 2023

Optimistic news from the healthiest and always working construction company PT. Bangun Karya Perkasa Jaya Tbk (IDX: KRYA). This company succeeded in obtaining a new contract worth 14.199 billion rupiah and with several additional contracts it became worth 25.776 billion.

The project won by the Company was a non-dairy creamer and milk powder factory construction project for one of the largest food and beverage company groups in Indonesia (WINGS GROUP).

In addition, the Company also still received a carry over project from the previous year worth 13.910 billion rupiah, which the source of funds came from BUMN financing and 6.415 billion rupiah, which the source of funds came from private financing.

In the Company's 2023 RKAP it has been designed with a target to achieve a total project revenue of 248.282 billion rupiahs, so the big achievement at the beginning of 2023 is 18.55%.

In targeting the completion of its projects, the Company always pays attention to and prioritizes the quality and timeliness of delivery of work to employers accompanied by the highest level of occupational safety and health (K3) so as to provide satisfactory results for all parties involved and increase the trust of clients and investors from within and outside the country with a mature strategy and business development.


Editor - PT. Bangun Karya Perkasa jaya Tbk