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Who We Are

PT. BANGUN KARYA PERKASA JAYA Tbk as known as BKPJ is a leading national construction company specializing in steel fabrication and general contractors. Founded by Mr. Dharmo Budiono, ST and Mrs. Brigitta Notoatmodjo, ST on January 7, 2007. PT. BANGUN KARYA PERKASA JAYA Tbk in 2015 successfully achieved ISO 9001:2015 on quality management and ISO 14001:2015 on environmental impact management and ISO 45001:2018 on occupational health and safety management. PT. BANGUN KARYA PERKASA JAYA Tbk's focus is on infrastructure projects (roads, bridges and water builds) and industrial buildings such as factories and warehouses

"Trust and customer satisfaction is the key to our success"



Our Values

Market segment.

The target in our business was for middle to upper market segments and definitively positioning our services to connect with our customer base and distinguish us in the market.

A business that has character.

Every human being is an individual who has a character that consists of the beliefs, values, and goals that determine who we are and with whom we connect. Our personality determines how we behave in different situations, how we dress and how we speak. The company makes the development of characters become the main foundation so that the vision and mission of the company can be aligned with the human resources that we have and can be reflected in their work in the field.

Business Care

We believe that business is a bond, and how to maintain that relationship is can help build our emotive brand positioning with customers and provide information about our brand identity and brand communications characters.


Our company, always trying to be flexible and react fast to the ever-changing needs of our clients.


Build a long-term relationship with customers.

We do not only offer a dream to our clients, but we give real hopes and promises. But we believe, by building trust, hardworking and honest performance, could be described how our company works, with those values drive us to make a better performance in the future all the time.

The communicative and consistency.

Communication will help strengthen the business and clarify the offer so customers could understand what is expected from our products and services.

The process to become big.

We try to create our own identity, trying to be independent and run under the character of our own company.


Satisfaction and relationships with clients become our main focus in every job for us, it is higher than the price itself.

The Customer is a Lifetime Partner.

Respecting customer knowledge and intelligence is important by not giving everything upfront, it allows them to dig more about us for customers and potential customers.